Skill Demo 5: How to Prioritize Meeting New People
Calvin Muller walks us through his thought process on meeting new people. Calvin Mueller – Head of Coaching & Rural Engagement
Parish Renewal 2
Last week, my guest, Tim Glemkowski, author of Made for Mission, talked to us about the importance of parish renewal. This week, he gets into the nitty-gritty. He talks practically… Read More
Parish Renewal 1
I’m sure you know… I talk A LOT about how Jesus calls us to be missionary disciples. And I’m also sure you know… parish renewal is HARD. So today, I… Read More
Meetings Stink
I have something to confess. I used to be a (bad) meeting addict. If you know me, you know that I love being around people, communicating with them. So, you’d… Read More
Serving from the Heart
Today I talk to one of my old friends from my time in FOCUS. We’ve had experience evangelizing in many different contexts, and we agree. The most difficult place to… Read More
Discipling Youth in School
Students encounter the Lord at conferences like Steubenville, in adoration, or in retreat settings, but then, they are thrust back into the regular cadence of a secular life. Continuing to… Read More
In School with Jesus
How do you start your day? Like many of you, I try to start mine in prayer and with the Lord in scripture. But teaching our children to do the same… Read More
Clear Path to Discipleship
Clear Path: Foundations Workshop
The Clear Path: Foundations workshop is designed to help you and your team develop leaders who are deeply convicted of the Church’s mission to make disciples, who understand the process of… Read More
Walking with the Youth
The rate of culture change in the last 20 years has been swift. This has created a gap in how well adults are able to relate to the youngest in… Read More
The Real Vocations Crisis
What should you do to help the vocations crisis? This is the first time in a many years that no priests were ordained in our diocese, and it’s during times… Read More
Skill Demo
Skill Demo 4: How to Lead a Discernment Rosary
Andy Dejka takes us through a practical demonstration of how to lead a discernment rosary. Andy Dejka – Coach and Training Specialist Resources Discernment Rosary