Live Lent Together
Small Group Leader Training
The video below is a training for small group leaders as a part of the Live Lent Together small group initiative. As you watch the video, you will need this… Read More
Live Lent Together
Tips for Starting and Leading a Small Group
3 Tips for Inviting People to Your Small Group Tips for Facilitating a Small Group Lenten Small Group Initiative – Prayer Embracing Your Small Group’s Mission
The Power of Small Groups
It’s not possible to live and grow in the faith without the support of a group – JPII  Have you ever had something important happen in your life and had no one to… Read More
Live Lent Together
Live Lent Together!
When I think about Lent, the words “fasting” and “fish fries” come to mind. But what if Lent was more than giving up chocolate? What if gathering as a community… Read More
Live Lent Together
Encounter Series Materials
Lent doesn’t have to be a solo effort! Our neighbors are thirsting for good news. What if we invited them to a deeper encounter with Jesus? Below is the Encounter… Read More