Ministry or Apostolate? - Forming the Lay Faithful for Evangelization
Have you ever wondered about the difference between a ministry and an apostolate? Until recently, I hadn’t. These words seem like synonyms, and talking about their differences feels a bit… Read More
Clear Path to Discipleship
Small Group Leader Training
The video below is a training for small group leaders as a part of the Live Lent Together small group initiative. As you watch the video, you will need this… Read More
Evangelizing in the Culture of Death
Do you meet resistance when you talk about your pro-life beliefs? Do you find it hard to understand why anyone would be in favor of abortion? The truth about abortion… Read More
The Big Goal
Tips for Starting and Leading a Small Group
3 Tips for Inviting People to Your Small Group Tips for Facilitating a Small Group Lenten Small Group Initiative – Prayer Embracing Your Small Group’s Mission
The Big Goal
The Power of Small Groups
It’s not possible to live and grow in the faith without the support of a group – JPII  Have you ever had something important happen in your life and had no one to… Read More
The Big Goal
Live Lent Together!
When I think about Lent, the words “fasting” and “fish fries” come to mind. But what if Lent was more than giving up chocolate? What if gathering as a community… Read More
The Big Goal
Encounter Series Materials
Lent doesn’t have to be a solo effort! Our neighbors are thirsting for good news. What if we invited them to a deeper encounter with Jesus? Below is the Encounter… Read More
How to Evangelize in Our Culture - Prioritize People
Part 2 of our talk with Michael Gormley. This time he talks about the parish as a school of discipleship and how all evangelization must prioritize people. Continue the Conversation… Read More
The Necessity of Adult Evangelization
Michael Gormley of Catching Foxes fame gives us his thoughts on adult evangelization and how parishes should prioritize the kerygma. Continue the Conversation  Get EquipCast in your podcast app… Read More
Collaborative Leadership
Principles of Team Prayer (blog)
By Andy Dejka and Whitney Bradley Just as a branch cannot bear fruit on its own unless it remains on the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in… Read More