Skill Demo
Skill Demo 4: How to Lead a Discernment Rosary
Andy Dejka takes us through a practical demonstration of how to lead a discernment rosary. Andy Dejka – Coach and Training Specialist Resources Discernment Rosary
Freedom for Captives
Imagine if you were defined by the worst thing you ever did, the worst moment of your life. Jesus came to preach freedom to captives. He offers mercy, healing, and… Read More
The Big Goal
Man on Mission
I talk a lot on this podcast about evangelization and mission. I can cast vision all day long, but the reality is…actually going on mission is scary. How do I… Read More
Clear Path to Discipleship
How could a Clear Path help our parish?
This talk was filmed during the Clear Path: Foundations workshop. To watch the rest of the series, see the videos and resources listed below. This video covers: a definition of… Read More
Culture of Generosity
Living Ordinary Mercy
When you imagine yourself Living Mercy, what comes to mind first? Do you think of the saints who gave up everything for a life of poverty or service to the… Read More
The Big Goal
4 Types of Parishes
On a scale of 1-10, how missional would you say your parish is? In October 2020, the Archbishop launched the Big Goal that “Each parish in the Archdiocese of Omaha… Read More
Skill Demo 3: How to Manage Performance Issues
Chris Sommers provides practical advice on how to address performance issues. Chris Sommers – Director of Human Resources
Dads Who Evangelize
Have you ever struggled to pass on your faith to your children? I know I’m not alone when I say that talking about the faith in an age appropriate way… Read More
Collaborative Leadership
How to Discern God’s Will as a Group
I sometimes find the idea of discerning God’s will within my own life daunting. Sifting through the emotions, desires, and the high and low points of each day, and then… Read More
Clear Path to Discipleship
Clear Path Mission Briefing
Why a mission briefing?  The mission of the Church is to make disciples, but in our changing culture that has become more and more difficult. The Thresholds of Conversion is a tool which helps leaders meet people where they… Read More
How to Bring New Couples to Your Parish
Preparation for the sacrament of marriage used to happen at the dinner table. The best preparation came from the family that you grew up in. Unfortunately, with the changes in… Read More