Clarify the Win
Is it important to “win” at ministry work? Should we set goals, run after them, and measure them? It’s probably no surprise that my answer to this is a resounding… Read More
A Personal Manifesto around Prayer
What is the Lord doing for you in prayer? As many of us know, life comes with suffering. Our daily struggles can so easily rattle us and disrupt our peace.… Read More
Skill Demo 12: How to prepare for the unknown
The culture is changing around us, and the things that used to grow the parish community no longer do. If we want to continue drawing others to Jesus, we must… Read More
The Impact of Live Lent Together
I know…I know! Talking about Lent in August feels like it should be in one of those “It’s too early for Christmas” memes. You guys know, I get really excited… Read More
The Thresholds of Conversion and Discipleship
The buzz phrase “Meet people where they are!” has been around for a while now. Pope Francis often concretizes this in a call to go out and be with those… Read More
Hearing the Voice of the Lord
This week I talk to a friend in the Diocese of Houma Thibodaux. If you couldn’t tell by the hard to pronounce spelling, that’s in Louisiana. There, they also have… Read More
Culture of Generosity
Creating Cultures of Generosity
As much as I would like them to, our episodes on stewardship do not do as well as our episodes on evangelization. We are so used to thinking about stewardship… Read More
How to talk about abortion
The end to abortion is here! …Legally…at the federal level. While we should celebrate a major victory in the fight against abortion, the work has really just begun. If we… Read More
Skill Demo 11: How to get stuff done
Let’s talk about productivity. There is this lie that is a two-edged sword in the Christian world. For some, getting tasks done does not come naturally, and so it can… Read More
The Big Goal
Myth Busting: Clear Path of Discipleship
The Archdiocese’s Big Goal, each parish in the Archdiocese of Omaha will be a missional community, has three characteristics: collaborative leadership, a clear path to discipleship, and a culture of… Read More
You might be a missional community if...
With the Journey of Faith underway, the words “flourishing” and “missional community” have become buzzwords in our diocese. Many good people have been asking, “Wait…ARE we a missional community? What… Read More