What to Prune in the Spring

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I’m going to depart from our usual content to talk to you about gardening tips for the Spring…

All dad jokes aside, in today’s Coach’s Corner, I do want to talk about the art of pruning when there is an abundance of good things to do in our lives or ministries. When an activity or program doesn’t seem to fit anymore or when the Lord is simply calling us to put time and energy elsewhere, how do we say no? Especially when what we are saying no to is seemingly good?

But I’ll take a note from my wife, Kim. Like her, let’s prune with reckless abandon so as to make way for new life that is healthier and stronger than it’s ever been.


Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

2 Responses to “What to Prune in the Spring”

You know the Ruthless Elimination of Hurry is one of my favorite books. I have read it three times.

Mic drop!! This episode came at a providential time for me. “Let’s prune with reckless abandon,” definitely made me think of, “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.” Thanks, coach!

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