Skill Demo 7: 4 Benefits of a Clear Path

Andy Dejka walks us through the benefits of building a Clear Path to Discipleship at your Parish.

Andy Dejka – Coach and Training Specialist, Parish Support Team


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We do not make disciples. God has the messages in His Word on the many steps and ways he has given us to make those daily choices. We invite others to search out their gifts to be those servants/disciples that they are called to do but we need the human support and encouragement of others. We need to listen to His Word and encounter Jesus and Mary and in the sacraments to become more equipped for the relationships we need to have. We are to invite others to see their role as becoming disciples of the church in new and better ways daily. We do not make disciples.

Excellent job Andy!

Excellent podcast. Thanks

It would be interesting to know which parishes have the 4 paths in place even in infancy stages. This clearly works as I have seen it in other cities.
I’ve just not observed it here yet. Having access to a case study or witness testimony from a parish who has implemented this would be so helpful to inspire the vision from the pew.

Well done, Andy. When you mentioned the page with the hundred ministries, I laughed out loud. I was reminded of a John Belushi routine where he is taking orders at a diner. No matter what the person orders, he turns to the cook and says “Chee-burger, chips.” I’ll take a reuben sandwich, onion rings, and a jumbo pickle. “Chee-burger, chips.” I guess that’s the opposite of a menu with 100 options. We could probably learn something from “Chee-burger, chips.” Anyway, keep up the great work you are doing. Peace.

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