Fruitful Evangelization: How Love Leads to Conversion
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Pathways to Renewal: Strategies for Effective Faith Formation with Fr. Tim Donovan
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Clear Path to Discipleship
A Clear Path: Making Missionary Disciples in a Parish
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Discover the Power of Authentic Connections
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Transformative Conversations: How to Fostering Empathy and Understanding with the Abortion Dialogue Academy
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Coach's Corner
Plundering the Egyptians: How to take the good from secular wisdom and leave the bad
Do you ever find yourself seeking inspiration from secular books, podcasts, or lectures? I get it. Sometimes, the best guidance comes from unexpected places. But here’s the thing, how do… Read More
Coach's Corner
Why I Hate (and Love) Christmas
In this time of preparation for Christmas, do you find it hard to slow down? To appreciate the way Jesus comes to us? Small and humble. Well, I certainly do.… Read More
How to Become a Contagious Catholic with Marcel LeJeune
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How to Engage Outsiders: Strategies for Sharing the Catholic Faith
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Coach's Corner
How to BLESS Others: The Art of Authentic Evangelization
Do you feel a desire to share your faith but worry about coming across as pushy or insincere? I get it. When I go into a relationship with the motive… Read More
Culture of Generosity
400 for Thanksgiving Dinner: Serving the Poor with St. Peter’s Church
How much can a simple act of kindness impact someone’s life? How can your involvement in community initiatives create meaningful connections? If you’ve ever felt a calling to connect with… Read More