Culture of Generosity
400 for Thanksgiving Dinner: Serving the Poor with St. Peter’s Church
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How to Build the Spiritual Habits of Consistency and Honesty in Prayer
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Broadcasting Your Belief: How Lane Grindle Brings Faith into His Profession
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Small Groups
Use Small Groups for Any Step of Your Clear Path 
Small groups provide a highly versatile context for making and maturing disciples. They can fit into busy schedules before work, over the lunch hour, or after soccer practice. They can… Read More
Coach's Corner
Expand Your Influence - How to Lead When You’re NOT the Boss
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your passion and vision are extremely compelling, but you’re not the one calling the shots? Sometimes, our leaders might not tick… Read More
Free to Be Generous: Catholic Money Management
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Lampstand Initiative: Illuminating Faith Through Prayer and Community with Fr. Pat McLaughlin
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Uncover Your Charisms Through Spiritual Openness with Sherry Weddell
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Small Groups, Big Impact: Cultivating Close-Knit Faith Communities in Your Parish
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Coach's Corner
Discover the Power of “Less is More” for a Fulfilling Faith Journey
In this fast-paced world, who doesn’t feel overwhelmed by busyness? There’s nothing quite so American as the stress we put on (and really, the stress caused by) doing more and… Read More
Match Your Gifts to Your Mission: How Charisms Have the Power to Change Everything!
How life-giving is the volunteer work that you do for your parish? Is it draining or invigorating? Hopefully, some of you responded, “Invigorating!” But if you find yourself drained by… Read More