How to Teach Your Kids to Pray

Raise your hand if you feel confident that you can help your children develop a personal relationship with Jesus. If I could see you all, I bet there would not be many hands in the air. We know how to teach rote prayers, but helping our children truly connect with Jesus feels a tad outside of a parent’s control.

The reality is that the Lord gives us everything that we need to model a real and personal relationship with Jesus. Today’s guest, Becky Deaver, teaches us from her experience as a wife and mother of eight.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to model prayer for your children.
  • How to develop routines of prayer as a family.
  • How to rely on the Lord when teaching your children to pray feels hard.

If you’d like easy prayer series to do with your family, check out Oremus: A Guide to Catholic Prayer by Fr. Mark Toups

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

with Becky Deaver

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