How to Lead Using Your Personal Gifting & The Power of Hospitality

The call to evangelize has been consistent and increasingly urgent from our Church leaders for the past fifty plus years. When you hear that call, have you ever felt like you aren’t enough? Like you don’t have the appropriate strengths or the right leadership qualities to offer?

Well, you’re not alone. Fr. Mallon, author of Catholic pop-culture phenomenon Divine Renovation, was the pastor at St. Benedict Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He turned the parish around and created a truly missional community. His strengths were clear and his leadership was bold. So today, I talk to…his successor. Fr. Simon Lobo became pastor of St. Benedict Parish, and it was immediately clear that his gifts and his weaknesses were very different.

So how did he succeed without the stereotypical leadership strengths? Today we talk about:

  • What it’s like to follow in the footsteps of a world-renowned leader
  • What resources he found useful to help him serve better
  • How feeling like you belong to a community can lead to conversion

If you’d like to read more about his experience, check out Divine Renovation Apprentice and Preaching on Purpose.

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

with Fr. Simon Lobo

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