Match Your Gifts to Your Mission: How Charisms Have the Power to Change Everything!

How life-giving is the volunteer work that you do for your parish? Is it draining or invigorating? Hopefully, some of you responded, “Invigorating!” But if you find yourself drained by the work of being missional, you are not alone. So many of us say yes to the work because it is good, or necessary, or because “Father asked me to”. Rarely are we asked to first discern our charisms and then to volunteer in a mission field that matches our gifts.

And so, I invited Mandy Busch and Amanda Pfeifer to talk about how they are helping parishioners find fulfillment in their mission. They focus first on helping parishioners to understand their God given gifts (charisms) and to notice where the Lord’s gifts are bearing fruit. In their own words: “This is an essential item you need in your toolbox as an intentional disciple. Knowing what your charisms are and the ways in which the Lord moves in you to do his work, changes everything. Because when it’s his work, it’s not work.”

In today’s episode, you will hear how a parish can

  • Lean into helping people discern their charisms
  • Equip parishioners for mission
  • Help disciples become a vessel of God’s love by first discerning the Lord’s call

If you want to learn about your charisms or to help others do so, check out

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

with Mandy Busch and Amanda Pfeifer from St. Patrick’s Parish in Elkhorn


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Awesome. The 2 Ladies with Jim were so inspiring, so filled with energy and love. Very contagious.

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