Lampstand Initiative: Illuminating Faith Through Prayer and Community with Fr. Pat McLaughlin

Have you ever had a moment that deeply touched your soul, making you feel connected to God and changing your life? We often think of monumental conversion moments, but what if I told you that such transformative encounters could be a part of your daily life—through prayer?

Prayer is more than just speaking to God; it’s about creating a sacred space for genuine conversation. It’s about building a relationship with Jesus, allowing Him to speak to us, fostering spiritual growth, and helping us understand ourselves and God’s will. Beyond that, prayer lets us receive grace and feel God’s immense love. And here’s the beautiful part: these encounters aren’t just for us; they’re meant to be shared, strengthening our faith and enriching our communities.

Today, I sit down with Fr. Pat McLaughlin for a conversation about the Lampstand Initiative. It’s a program designed to transform our prayer lives, bringing us closer to Jesus. But it doesn’t stop there. The Lampstand Initiative empowers us to not only deepen our own prayer lives but also to teach others, creating a ripple effect of prayer and evangelization in our communities.

In this episode, we explore:

  • How a listening heart in prayer can bring a profound connection with Jesus.
  • How sharing the blessings of your prayer can amplify the impact and foster a culture of evangelization.
  • How to teach people to teach others to pray through the Lampstand Initiative.

Learn more about the Lampstand Initiative, or deepen your own prayer life by picking up one of these books: WRAP Yourself in Scripture and The Parish as a School of Prayer.

Contact Fr. Pat McLaughlin at and check out his parishes!

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

With Fr. Pat McLaughlin

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Thank you to Father McLaughlin for showing another vital way to strengthen the Body of Christ in order to enlarge the Body of Christ through our discipleship.

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