Coach’s Corner 14: How the Eucharist Breaks Us

If you allow it to, the Eucharist can break you. “But, Jim, why would I want that? Sounds awful.”

We all know that the Eucharist is transformative because it unifies us to Christ and his body. But if we truly enter into that Pascal Mystery, it means we also can be “broken and shared” with the world.

Join me for this Coach’s Corner where I take a short 4 minutes to encourage you in the mystery that was gifted to us at Easter.


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Jim Jansen – Director of the Parish Support Team, Archdiocese of Omaha


2 Responses to “Coach’s Corner 14: How the Eucharist Breaks Us”

Description is very difficult to follow. “He calls you—that’s giving.” What does that even mean??????

Very good Jim! I do enjoy these!! A little Faith boost!! Thank you!!

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