From Being in a Small Group to Leading One

Dear friends,

By now, you probably know that I love small groups! I’ve even gone so far as to claim that small groups will be one of the major things that bring renewal to our Church.

So today, I want to pause for a moment with Kendra Meuret. She went from being in a small group simply because she was longing for friendship. to leading a small group because she recognized other people needed what she had found.

Here experience is ordinary, and so hopefully, will inspire those of you who just want to take a first step toward being a Missionary Disciple.

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

Kendra Meuret – Parishioner at St. Ignatius in Brunswick, NE

2 Responses to “From Being in a Small Group to Leading One”

Kendra, your story was amazing and encouraging. Thank you for sharing. You are leading people to the Lord. We are all called to do this, to be Jesus’ disciples here on earth. God bless you!

Thx for sharing.

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