ChurchMoney: Raising Givers

By Fr. Jeff Lorig, Pastoral Services

I once said to the Archbishop that it doesn’t take money to spread the Gospel. I think I’m wrong or at least only a little bit right. I recently read the book ChurchMoney: Rebuilding the Way We Fund Our Mission by Fr. Michael White and Tom Cochran, authors of the Rebuilt book. This new book of theirs has really impacted and changed the way I’m thinking about this subject of church money.

On the next EquipCast, a weekly podcast we record with a live Zoom audience, I’ll be taking a deeper dive into the 10 ways of doing and thinking about Church money differently.

Here’s a teaser.

Top 5 Things I’ll Do Differently After Reading this Book

  1. I’m going to preach about money.
  2. I’m going to develop relationships with those who can financially impact the mission of the parish.
  3. I’m going to have a Stewardship Sunday wherein which we’ll ask for a commitment to financial giving.
  4. I will ruthlessly attempt to eliminate all fundraisers.
  5. I will never have a 2nd Collection again.

Top 5 Ways I’m Thinking Differently After Reading this Book

  1. Ministry needs money.
  2. Money means growth.
  3. Money is a discipleship thing.
  4. People don’t give to neediness.
  5. Manipulation and guilt is a short-term strategy that doesn’t accomplish the Great Commission.

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