Collaborative Leadership Webinar


  • Prayer
  • Why Collaborative Leadership?
  • 4 Non- Negotiables of Teams
  • Team Development Cycle
  • Next Steps for You

Breakout Questions

  1. How is collaboration between clergy and laity fundamental to the Body of Christ?
  2. In what ways does the collaborative approach to pastoral leadership feel foreign, daunting, exciting, or hopeful?
  3. What is the biggest hurdle for you personally in adopting this approach? Who will you ask to help you over this hurdle?

The Webinar


1. The big goal seems so broad. How can we make it more specific to our parishes and ministry?

2. How do you find people who share your vision?

3. What do you do if someone on your team doesn’t want to have healthy conflict?

4. How do you find a vision for your parish? And then, how do you stop micromanaging? 


Forming a Leadership Team – This document contains the 4 non-negotiables of a team mentioned in the webinar.

Team Development Cycle and Resources – All of the resources mentioned at the end of the webinar can be found here.

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