Conversion Moment Panel

Join us for an engaging conversation where participants explore various programs and approaches to nurturing faith and community. You’ll gain valuable perspectives on topics like different conversion moments, the power of radical hospitality, and practical considerations in selecting and maintaining parish initiatives. With an emphasis on prayer, flexibility, and discernment, the panel provides valuable guidance for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of evangelization through a conversion moment.

Options for Conversion Moments

“And we know that there is a lot of brokenness in our world. And what people need is the church to look at that brokenness, acknowledge it, and say, we know someone who did something about it.”

“A thread in all of these encounters is we have no clue how little people have been presented with the gospel. It is astonishing how the reason all these [conversion moments] work is because we’re presenting the gospel and we’re presenting Jesus to them.”

“It’s a matter of trust. You’re not going to necessarily know what works, but you know, that God is good and that He’s going to provide.”

“We can do nothing if we’re not abiding in Jesus. And that is never more clear than when we’re trying to help a soul encounter the Lord. In the moment of conversion, it has to be covered with prayer and led by the Holy Spirit because this is a work that only he can do.”


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