Embrace Your Age

Have you noticed? Talking to your neighbor about faith has gotten harder over the past few decades. For our grandparents, it was enough that they taught daily devotions to their children by example. And our experience of education, the law, government, and art supported our beliefs. Now, the culture is in direct opposition to our faith.

We find ourselves, to quote Pope Francis, in a “change of age”.

So how do we “mind the gap”. How do we transition well into this new age?


From Christendom to Apostolic Mission: Pastoral Strategies for an Apostolic Age (Book)

Study Resource from the Diocese of Sioux Falls (Videos)

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

Fr. Scott Traynor – priest of the Diocese of Sioux Falls in South Dakota serving as the Vicar for Lay and Clergy Formation

4 Responses to “Embrace Your Age”

Keep the faith, have that space where you can recharge your batteries…prayer….it centers you on trust….success is not the goal….keeping putting one foot in front of the other….I guess I have saying perseverance. I pick from the culture what helps and the rest I try to not let get me down….
In terms of the mission….trying to keep it on the front burner in all things…

Fr. Korte, thank you for your comment. I personally find consolation in the disorientation the apostles and early Christians must have felt at the dawn of the first evangelization. Praise God we have the same Holy Spirit at work in us as we navigate the change of the age in our times.

The question is urgent. Our answer is important. How shall this be addressed in manageable “bite”?

I ask becuase in my view the age is not conducive to a video discussion requiring over 1 hour of time. This may be a refelction on my commitment or time management. So perhaps I need correction – if you are getting comments that do not agree with my view perhps I’m wrong.

Deacon True, thank you for the feedback. And, I think you are actually spot on. One podcast, which is over an hour long, is actually not enough time to address the question (and we can understand that it’s not for everyone!). Because the reality is, we are still very much figuring out the answer. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet, and so most answers that we come up with will actually take more than an hour. However, for the sound “bite” that you are looking for, I can say that most diocese who are asking these questions, are leaning into relational ministries. I think I good resource if you are looking for something that you can digest 15-30 minutes at a time is reviveparishes.com. In total, their courses take more than 1 hour, but they are broken up into bite-sided chunks.

Whitney Bradley
Coach & Equip Producer, Parish Support Team

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