Getting the Most Out of Mass

I’m trying something new. My team and I have the privilege of working with leaders in parishes as they discern how to move their parish culture toward mission. This has brought a multitude of topics to my attention that could be aired on the EquipCast. And so, today, I bring you the Coach’s Corner where we break down important topics to help equip you and your team for mission in your church, in your family, and in your ministry.

This episode’s topic might not immediately scream “equipping disciples”, but it is the foundation of everything we do. Tune in for a 10 minute episode on Getting the Most Out of Mass.

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha


6 Responses to “Getting the Most Out of Mass”

Thanks everyone for your encouraging feedback. I plan to continue to offer these shorter form episodes and similar topics.

You nailed it!! From highly available to highly appreciated. Losing the availability plain and simply Sucks!! However as the whole process has unfolded before our very eyes the point is so very clear!! We’re missing the majority of the whole point. The celebration of the Mass is not the “place” but the verb—the MASS. It’s not brick and mortar, dollars and cents, committees and meetings. It the Celebration of what Christ did for all of us when He said “not my will but thy Will be Done!! Thank you Jim & all who have had the patience with me while I continue the catch up to the true meaning of the Mass!! Sincerely

Thanks so much John. I really appreciate your encouraging feedback. It is a blessing and encouragement to me.

Wonderful podcast – thank you! I loved it so much and feel like it has so much utility. I will definintely share.

Great sharing!

Loved it. This is so needed. The length is perfect to maintain and spark more interest in future podcasts. Well done.

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