In School with Jesus

How do you start your day? Like many of you, I try to start mine in prayer and with the Lord in scripture. But teaching our children to do the same can be difficult.

Today, I talk to Cheryl Drozd, a teacher who helps her students start every day in prayer and reading the scriptures. And, she says that the results are explosive: “God is working through me. It’s His word and His Holy Spirit working. So, it’s just a matter of trusting and letting God do His thing.”

Friends, the Word of God is alive, constantly new and reaching into our hearts. It’s a vehicle for God to communicate himself. So it’s not surprising that children love it so easily.

Even if you feel like “I don’t know the Bible well enough to teach”, just open the scriptures and let God speak!


In School with Jesus

St. Mary’s Catholic Children’s Bible

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

Cheryl Drozd – Pre-K teacher at Saint Bonaventure – Columbus & Creator of In School with Jesus curriculum

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