Skill Demo 5: How to Prioritize Meeting New People

Calvin Muller walks us through his thought process on meeting new people.

Calvin Mueller – Head of Coaching & Rural Engagement

2 Responses to “Skill Demo 5: How to Prioritize Meeting New People”

Well done! THANK YOU Calvin!
I related well to your piece and thank you for breaking open the call to extend friendship. I too, experienced tears from not being welcomed at all, while attending daily Mass.

Upon moving here to Omaha 14 years ago, as a regular daily Mass goer wherever we had lived previously, I was deeply saddened that even as I’d introduce myself to other attendees, explaining that we were new to St. Wenceslaus that sharing my vulnerability with others fell flat…in fact I felt coldness, closedness and a certain provincialism….no elasticity to “welcome the stranger.” With many transfers, I have long known the “BODY OF CHRIST ” is not just Eucharist but the people of God in community as well.

The HOLY ONE did not waste these months of dismay and disbelief . In time, I organized an Ignatian prayer circle…starting with 6 in our cry room to help build community and deeper relationships. As a spiritual director I know well the ache and the need for intimate relationships. I rejoice that this Fall, some 11 years later, we now have 60 women on our roster for PRAYING THE SCRIPTURES. The circle continues to grow for there is a deeper understanding that we are all hungering for and need to be supported by intimate, kind and caring relationships….and new comers to the circle give voice to their noticing the welcome we extend….”wounded healer ” at work!

Your NAMING that need for friendship in an intentional way was well developed. I thank you. Margie Walker

Calvin…This was a great video, and so well timed. My son recently returned to the church after finding himself very isolated and lonely. I forwarded you video to him as he needs some training on how to make friends. Thank you!

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