Parish Renewal 1

I’m sure you know… I talk A LOT about how Jesus calls us to be missionary disciples.

And I’m also sure you know… parish renewal is HARD.

So today, I talk with a friend, Tim Glemkowski, who’s book, Made for Mission, is one of the most practical guides to helping parish leaders wade through this process of renewal.

And I liked what he had to offer so much, that we made this into two episodes! So, stay tuned for another installation next week.


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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

Tim Glemkowski – Director of Strategy, Archdiocese of Denver

3 Responses to “Parish Renewal 1”

Excellent conversation. Thank you.

Hi Mike.

Long time no see.

John Gencarelli

I appreciated the discussion about keeping the focus on Jesus, while not being afraid of putting some stoplight on the traditions of the Catholic Church. Many are still learning these traditions or may be in need of a renewal experience.

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