Why Delegation is the Key to Successful Pastoral Leadership
A New Reality Crucial to pastoral planning is changing the paradigm of pastoral leadership we may have learned or inherited. With fewer priests and therefore fewer pastors available, we know… Read More
Pastoral Planning
Guides, Not Gospel: The 3 Phases of Pastoral Planning
It’s better to think of the 3 phases of pastoral planning as a good guide, rather than the Gospel truth. It’s a good overview and points out several helpful landmarks,… Read More
Pastoral Planning
PODCAST: Archbishop Lucas on Pastoral Planning
“Planning for Mission, not Maintenance” In several parts of archdiocese – both metro and rural – populations have shifted or are declining. We also know that the number of active… Read More
Pastoral Planning
Masses, Meetings, and Mail: The Problem with Clusters
With the pastoral planning proposal, essentially, at the bare minimum, all that the parishes in your circle are sharing are a pastor, maybe some clergy, and a Mass schedule. The question… Read More
Pastoral Planning
A Communication Strategy Sounds Fancier Than It Really Is
Now that some of you have made plans to get together with your neighboring priests, you might be asking what a communication strategy would look like. It’s simpler than you… Read More
Pastoral Planning
Next Steps for Pastoral Planning
It feels good to have a solid proposal for rural pastoral planning, but it doesn’t answer every question or even answer the question of, “What should we do next?”. Are… Read More