Skill Demo 11: How to get stuff done

Let’s talk about productivity. There is this lie that is a two-edged sword in the Christian world. For some, getting tasks done does not come naturally, and so it can rob them of the peace that comes with a relationship with God. On the other hand, we often deeply feel the urgency that comes with a call from God causing us to “over produce” or to work ourselves to the bone in order to “achieve” His will. Neither is good. Growing in skills of execution can help us be productive without falling into either lie. Thus, I want to offer you an 8-minute skill demo on “How to get stuff done”. Nothing too deep, just some tips from one of the executors on my team.

Whitney Bradley walks us through some executing skills when trying to finish a project.

Whitney Bradley – Coach & Equip Producer, Parish Support Team

4 Responses to “Skill Demo 11: How to get stuff done”

Whitney, you have a great narrator voice! I enjoyed the productivity presentation.
– Mike Ashton

Thanks, Mike! I think, like most, I find my voice very strange to listen to. I critiqued it a lot while editing, lol. Glad to hear you are still listening!

Great episode! Love the part about reflecting on the “why” behind what you are doing! Thanks for your expertise!

Thanks, Michelle! Jim is always teasing me that I ask why like a 4-year old, but also, I’ve learned recently in coaching that if someone else is lacking enthusiasm around “the work”, it’s good to go back to “Why is this important to do?” Either it should re-motivate them, or maybe the answer is, “It’s not.” In that case, you often have permission to stop doing it.

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