Skill Demo 9: How to share the gospel through your testimony.

He is risen! He is risen indeed! Are you convinced that Jesus’s death and resurrection can have a profound impact on your life and on the lives of others? If yes, are you comfortable and confident sharing that good news with others?

Jesus has changed my life, and I want others to have that same experience. However, it took me a long time to feel comfortable sharing the gospel, and it took a lot of practice to share it well.

How do I reflect on the work Jesus is doing in my life and share it in a way that is intentional but not forced?

Jen Moser, breaks down the answer in 13 minutes.

Jen Moser walks us through a method of sharing the gospel through your testimony.

Jen Moser – Associate Director & Leadership Formation Specialist

2 Responses to “Skill Demo 9: How to share the gospel through your testimony.”

Jen – thank you so much for these tips! I appreciate the framework and structure that enables storytelling with purpose/intention. 😉

Glad to hear this was helpful for you, Kay! Thanks so much for your feedback and encouragement!

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