The Power of Charisms in Evangelization: The Archdiocese of Omaha Mentorship Program

What keeps you from sharing your faith with others? Not enough time, knowledge, or energy? Perhaps it’s a fear of failure? Or maybe you imagine someone who evangelizes as having a skillset that you don’t. We know Jesus wants us to “go and make disciples”, so it stands to reason that he wants us to go just as we are.

Today, I talk with Kelly Peklo and Matt Keller, graduates of the Archdiocese Mentorship Program. They share their journey to understand God’s call to evangelize and how they made that call fit into their lives. They talk about learning to pray and to hear the Lord’s voice. And he wasn’t asking them to share their faith like a famous tele-evangelist or door-to-door salesman. He was calling them to use their unique strengths, to share His love with others, by simply being themselves.

In this episode, you will be encouraged to:

  • Cultivate a strong prayer life in order to enhance evangelization efforts.
  • Discern and embrace your charisms, allowing the Holy Spirit to be your guide in sharing the Gospel.
  • Confront fear and embrace the notion of ‘fruitful failure’, valuing the lessons gained from evangelization efforts.
  • Find peace in the understanding that outcomes are in God’s hands during evangelization.

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

With Kelly Peklo and Matt Keller.

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