These Dry Bones Will Rise

As a leader in your parish, it is easy to get bogged down with the day-to-day work of maintaining the parish. But if you have a heart like Fr. Lorig, you want to “major in the mission” instead of the maintenance.

If you are a lay leader, you have to win the heart of your pastor in order to do this. And if you are a pastor, you feel the weight of the daily tasks as well as the people trying to influence you.

Today, Ron Huntley, brings the energy and wisdom to dispel some of this discouragement. He tells us about his time at St. Benedict’s Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia as well as his work with Divine Renovation.

Here’s just one of his quotable moments: “The whole system is structured in ways that can crush your zeal and your passion. And so the fact that any pastor has any passion is a miracle to me, but Fr. James talks about it as a supernatural hope because, you know, these bones can rise. They can rise again. And can God use us to do miracles in our church in our time in our diocese? And the answer is yes!”

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