Why Programs Don’t Work

I’ve got a program this is going to change hearts and transform lives! It builds relationships, causes conversions, and could be a real blessing to your parish, BUT there’s a catch…

Program’s aren’t silver bullets, and they can’t survive in a vacuum.

A program that works has:

  • a goal for success
  • a target audience that isn’t defined by age or state of life
  • a support system of ongoing relationships
  • disciples who are working together to shift parish culture

All this may seem like a lot, but today’s episode provides some easy first steps for fostering good programs that flourish.

(Note: No actual program is being promoted in this episode. We simply hope to impart some wisdom around using programs in a way that they will truly thrive at your parish.)


Intentional Accompaniment by Michael Hall

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

Jen Moser – Associate Director & Leadership Formation Specialist

One Response to “Why Programs Don’t Work”

Programs almost always have an end.
I would rather use the word platform because it often give the bases for continuation of something and often allows growth.
Del Ames

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