You might be a missional community if…

With the Journey of Faith underway, the words “flourishing” and “missional community” have become buzzwords in our diocese. Many good people have been asking, “Wait…ARE we a missional community? What does it even mean for an entire parish to be missional?”

We have a definition: an outward looking group of disciples, under the care of a pastor, sent by Jesus to make disciples.

However, a definition is only a starting point for understanding, so today, I bring you You Might Be a Missional Community If… Calvin Mueller and I discuss some indicators of a missional community so that you might know if you are or not.

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha

Calvin Mueller – Head of Coaching & Rural Engagement

3 Responses to “You might be a missional community if…”

I absolutely loved this equipcast, thinking, pondering it laughing all at the same time!
At our parish this weekend we have our big annual fundraiser event it’ll be interesting to kind of observing all the same people that volunteer to help put it together such as my husband and I and all the other volunteers that make that night possible)

You might be a missional community if your teenagers say; “
Mom and dad we have to go been chatting with people for an hour and have eaten 3 donuts.

You might be a Missional community if you know the names of all the Primetimers as well as the young families and all the crying babies)

This actually happened: “You might not be a missional community if you go up to the associate pastor, who recently joined your parish, but has been there at least a year and was asked: “Are you new here?”

You might be a missional community if numerous members of your parish gathered together to pray rosaries for very sick people of the parish, these sick are now healed and those people are coming back to mass.)

I actually think I could sit and ponder them anymore but thanks for the words of wisdom and I hope we can continue to spread the gospel!

Those are great Sara. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the podcast . Some days I feel like complaining because rose bushes have thorns rather than rejoicing that thorn bushes have roses . It’s a prickly business to stay the course when somedays it feels like we are fighting through the thorn bushes . I have been grouping with a group of young men for a couple years now and it’s so hard to get them to be consistent in grouping much less start their own . I really felt I had a couple young men ready to invite to start a group but then baseball season started or spring work started and then it all felt like the commitment went south . So I’m ready to see more roses and less thorny bush . God bless you guys !

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