Principles of Team Prayer (podcast)

I’ve been on many teams throughout my career with FOCUS and at the Archdiocese. One thing I’ve learned is that for a team to be truly collaborative, it must have prayer as a foundation.

This foundation of prayer not only leads to greater trust among team members, it also keeps our team goals focused on God’s mission for us. Effective team prayer offers the opportunity for teams to grow and discern together.

Today’s podcast offers 5 principles for effective team prayer. It must be:

  • Deliberate – Your team reserves time for prayer. It is not haphazard or rushed. You incorporate prayer deliberately into the cadence of your meetings.
  • Communal – Your team prays together. All your team members are present and invited to actively participate in prayer by sharing what they have received.
  • Honest – Your prayer as a team is connected to real situations and circumstances of your parish relationships. Team members are vulnerable with one another (with appropriate discretion).
  • Open – Your prayer time includes silence for listening to the Lord and discerning his will. It is not exclusively petitionary prayer, group sharing, or recitation of rote prayers.
  • Missional – Your team prayer time is directed toward discerning and fulfilling the mission of your parish.


Principles of Team Prayer

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Jim Jansen – Director of Pastoral Services, Archdiocese of Omaha


Andy Dejka – Coach & Training Specialist for the Parish Support Team

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