Clear Path Mission Briefing

Why a mission briefing? 

The mission of the Church is to make disciples, but in our changing culture that has become more and more difficult. The Thresholds of Conversion is a tool which helps leaders meet people where they are at. The more your parish leaders understand this tool and apply it, the easier it will be for you to start the next step of building a Clear Path to Discipleship. This is because your parish’s Clear Path will be built to serve people no matter where they fall in the Thresholds. 

Your “win” for this mission briefing: 

  1. Build trust with your parish leaders (Shared prayer/lectio) 
  2. Generate conversation about evangelization (Thresholds of Conversion) 

Mission Briefing Materials



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Thank you a very good day

Sr. Deana, we are so glad you liked it and that your entire team was able to attend! I’m excited to hear from Beth how you all run with the things you learned!

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